May 24

“It is a special kind of retrial we must make. Back to the monastery from which Luther (this will surely be the truth) broke out, that’s where the cause is to be restored to. Which is not to say that the Pope is to win, nor that putting it back there is a job for the papal police. The monastery’s mistake was not asceticism, celibacy, etc.; no, the mistake was to have reduced the price of Christianity by letting these be regaded as exceptional Christians–and the purely secular nonsense as normal Christianity… In other words, Luther turned in the wrong direction: the price has to be raised, not reduced. This is why there has always struck me as something odd about the idea that God went along with Lutheranism; for wherever God comes along, what makes progress recognizable is a heightening of the demands, the whole thing becoming more difficult. The mark of the human, on the other hand, is always to have things become easier and for that to be the progress.”

~Source: The Journals (1854)
Author: Søren Kierkegaard